WRC is a Family owned and run business. Pat and Tim Potempa were raised in Lake Zurich, IL along with their 2 other brothers and 2 sisters. In their youth, they all pitched in and helped their parents run another family-owned business, Ozzi's Water Park. These brothers and entrepreneurs have been involved in researching and implementing techniques for eco-friendly disposition of what was once considered "Waste" and started Wauconda recycling. They wanted to implement the same eco-friendly recycling in their community and open WRC.

Our mission is to give the most honest, sincere, and trustworthy recycling services around. We know you work hard for your money so why not be rewarded for it with the best price for scrap and the most transparent services you'll ever see? we can get you in and out with some cash in your pocket so stop in and let us put our money where our mouth is!